Leading Providers of Factory & Warehouse Staff

Our recruitment team has a thorough understanding of the factory, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sector in Melbourne. We excel in finding qualified and experienced factory hands, machine operators, assembly line personnel, warehouse and logistics workers, and management staff.

We recruit permanent, temporary, and casual staff at all levels of production and manufacturing in Melbourne, and our recruitment team have a reputation for delivering quality candidates matched to the position via a comprehensive screening process.

Employ Qualified Manufacturing Workers in Melbourne

Essential Personnel Services takes the uncertainty out of the hiring process. We have built a network of job-seekers that keeps coming back to us at every stage in their careers to help find them positions in which they can grow and succeed, giving us a pool of talented candidates to pull from when a new position opens up.

We place candidates across all levels and manufacturing and warehousing in Melbourne:

  • Assembly Line
  • Machine Operators
  • Process Worker
  • Purchasing
  • Store person & Warehousing
  • Supervisory
Specialist Warehousing and Logistics Staff

We supply both temporary and permanent warehousing and logistics staff to businesses in Melbourne and greater Victoria. Due to the seasonal nature of industry, warehouse operations often require additional staff to help manage peak workloads and fluctuating volumes of distribution.

Essential’s labour hire solutions for manufacturing and primary industries include specialist warehouse and logistics staff familiar with the demands of large-scale order fulfillment and warehousing. Our contract and labour hire staff can provide you a highly skilled, mobile, and on-demand workforce that allows you to scale efficiently and within budget.

Don’t See The Factory Staff You Need?

It would take a long list of positions to label every position we can fill. If you don’t see what you need, get in touch with our recruitment team and tell us the exact requirements for the job.


For qualified and experienced factory and warehouse personnel, give us a call today.