Hire Traffic Controllers in Melbourne

Essential Personnel Services can provide experienced and professional traffic controllers for hire in Melbourne for permanent, temporary, or on-demand placement. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects traffic management and planning, and emergency work, and we ensure all staff pursue ongoing training to keep abreast of the latest traffic and OH&S legislation and guidelines.

Every time traffic control is implemented is different which is why traffic controllers need to be capable of handling a range of circumstances. Our recruitment team screens each candidate to ensure they meet a high minimum standard and they hold all relevant trade and safety certificates for the role.

Qualified & Reliable Traffic Controllers

When screening candidates for traffic control positions we ensure they meet a minimum standard of qualifications and experience, and that all tickets and licenses are valid.

  • White Card
  • Victorian Licence
  • Blue/Yellow Roads and Maritime Services Traffic Control Tickets

We also provide access to ongoing training for traffic control candidates to help staff attain any qualifications as industry standards change.

Taking the Stress out of Traffic Control Recruitment

Essential Personnel Services has developed a highly refined hiring process for candidates in the traffic control sector as we understand that employers are often under tight time constraints when organising and hiring traffic control teams.

By having our recruitment teams pre-check applicants at the time of them applying, it provides us a database of traffic management staff for emergency on-call and labour hire solutions.

We can also help you design a team of traffic controllers from the ground up for extended projects and long-term employment.


Call our team to discuss your traffic management personnel needs and see how we can help your business!