NGO & Not-For-Profit Recruitment Agency

Recruiting for the not-for-profit sector requires specialised knowledge and an insider’s view of the industry. Our veteran team of recruiters has years of experience hiring for not-for-profit, charity, and non-government organisations.

Whether you are looking to hire a financial controller, expand a sales and marketing team, or employ front line door-to-door collections personnel, Essential Personnel Services has access to an extensive database of potential candidates.

We support our consultants to network within the finance and accounting professions and maintain an active group of senior finance and executives that wish to work in the not-for-profit and NGO sectors.

We Assemble Temporary Front-line Teams for Not-For-Profits

Essential Personnel Services first came to life as a labour-hire agency supplying temporary and emergency staff to the health and community sector. We possess the know-how and networks to quickly assemble front-line teams for use in seasonal work, and to ensure organisations profit from their marketing campaigns.

We also supply on-demand staff for charities and other non-government organisations. We understand that, as organisations whose staffing needs ebb and flow with demand, NGO’s and charity organisations require access to a pool of casual and temporary workers. Essential Personnel Services has access to teams of seasonal and campaign workers that can ease the hiring burden for organisations whose staffing needs change with the seasons.

Hire Senior Finance, Accounting, & Executive Professionals

Senior management and executive staff working in not-for-profit organisations require a unique temperament and set of skills. They have to balance the needs of the people they serve with the operational ambitions of the organisation as a whole, and the work they do sets the tone for the entire operation.

We are constantly on the search for finance and accounting experts with the right personality and disposition to help drive growth in not-for-profits. Professionals that measure success by the impact they have on the community they serve, not by the number of digits on a profit/loss statement.

Specialists in Not-For-Profit Recruitment

Essential Personnel Services can help not-for-profits and NGO’s drive sustainable growth through the use of a mobile and in-demand workforce. Positions we can help to fill include:

  • Case Managers
  • Support Workers
  • Administration Staff
  • Executives


For more information on our recruitment services, call our office and speak to one of our senior recruitment personnel.